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From early childhood Miguel (Ferrol, 1993) was related to the world of music because part of his family worked in this sector" At 4 years old he began playing drums.

He has worked with artists and bands like Dani Martín, Melendi, Amaia Montero, Miriam Rodriguez, Abraham Mateo, Maldita Nerea, David DeMaría, Zahara, Raimundo Amador, O'Funk'Illo, David Bustamante, Soraya Arnelas, Lérica, Miguel Rios, Andrés Suárez, Tomasito, Juanito Makandé, Pepe Bao, Canijo de Jerez, Santiago Campillo, Carlos Segarra, Lin Cortés, Nani Cortés,  Dean Bowman (Screaming Headless Torsos), Raynald Colom, Tom & studio.

He has two albums as solo artist: Melted Lives (2016) and My Expression Way (2018) and also and album with his trio together with Raynald Colom & Jorge Vera. Volume 1. 

Miguel is official endorser of Pearl drums, Meinl cymbals, Evans drumheads, Promark drumsticks (he has his own signature model: TXMLW) Earprotech in ear monitoring, Cympad, Ahead Armor Cases & Shure microphones. 

He has played in some of the greatest drumfest around the world like: The UK Drumshow (UK) La Baguetterie (France) Meinl Drumfest, Music Produktive Messe, DrumSite Show, Online Drum Lessons (Germany) Meinl Day (Edimburgh) TamTam Drumfest, La Rioja Drumfest, Alteisa Drumfest, Gailcian Drumfest, Percufest (Spain) Pearl Dealers Day (The Netherlands) NAMM Show (California, USA) ZonaSoul (Buenos Aires, Argentina) Clinic Days (Peru)...


Some records of Miguel...

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booking: Márdea Productions / / (+34)661 894 143

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